Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Im a smoker,so what?

Sekolah dah nak start nih,baju skolah,beg roda,kasut bata,pencil box upin-ipin sumer xbeli lagy,mmg kner mrh ah ngan cikgu,aish2:P

Back there when im still in school,people look me as a nerd.Maybe this glasses n my appearance make me look one...

Wearing glasses doest make you a nerd,maybe im good at computing,but that is a common knowledge u shold have for surviving...

People doest know me very well cause the way i look in school,duh,school is for you to gain knowledge,so you still have to follow the rules.But outside,its way different,so you will become a different person too..

Well,i dun care what other think about me,this is the real me:)

Pengakuan berani mati AimanDanial,ahhaha

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